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Dear Parents,

B"H! Welcome to MBM SUMMER CAMP 5784!

Exciting News:

  • Last summer was a tremendous success, and we're thrilled to build upon it this year.

  • Our aim is to provide your child/ren with an enriching, fun-filled summer experience blessed by Hashem and the Rebbe's Brochos.


Middle & Older Division Highlights:

  • Swimming, entertainers, jewelry making, painting, crafts, pottery

  • Slush fun days, professional instructors for gymnastics, art, dance

  • "Kids in the Kitchen" sessions


Oldest Division Specific Highlights:

  • Late nights, life skills workshops, hobbies

  • Valuable workshops, spectacular team-building & friendship activities


Younger Division Highlights:

  • Water slides, carnivals, dress-up days, music, obstacle course

  • Crafts, baking, puppet shows, onsite entertainment, various camp activities


At MBM, we prioritize each camper's happiness and well-being!


Key Information:

  • Boys Ages: 3yrs - 5yrs, Girls Ages: 3yrs - 13yrs

  • Online Registration:

  • Limited Space Alert: Certain bunks filled quickly last year.


We, along with our fantastic staff, eagerly await giving your children an incredible, enjoyable, and meaningful summer—B'Gashmiyus U'v'Ruchniyus.


Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.


Wishing you the very best!


Have a wonderful and productive week!


Deena Lehr 917-913-7759

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