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Welcome to Machane Bnos Monsey, Summer Day Camp 2021 - 5781



Dear Parents,


We are so excited and looking forward to a fabulous Summer! 


We want camp to go as smoothly as possible for you and especially your child along with following all the government's guidelines.  


This Sunday, June 28th, we will have the younger division meet their counselors and they will also have a chance to drop off all their supplies.  

All campers of other divisions will come to camp this Tues, June 30th at 9 am.  


Daily Screening of Your Child


On the first day of camp you will need to hand in a note that consists of 5 points 

(on all other days MBM will supply parents with 1 month of premade labels to be filled out and put on to their child's garments)

1. Your child's name (and answers to the following questions)

2. Has your child tested positive for COVID 19 or has it's symptoms in the past 14 days?  Y/N

3. Has your child been next to someone with coronavirus or it's symptoms in the past 14 days? Y/N 

4. Does your child have a fever? (100 degrees or more) Y/N 

5. Parent's signature


  We would like the drop off process to be quick and efficient. Therefore IT IS A MUST to have the preprinted labels attached/stuck on to your child with ALL the questions answered BEFORE coming to camp. 


Take Your Child's Temperature Before Camp Daily


Every family will need a working thermometer to take their child's temperature EVERY morning BEFORE arrival to camp ENSURING your child has NO FEVER (less than 100 degrees).

Because, if not done before camp we will have to take it during camp and it WILL DELAY his/her and our camp fun schedule. 

We will randomly be checking children's temperature throughout the day. If your child has fever he/she will need to go home.



Lice Checking by Limor Herman


Lice checking will be done on the first day of camp on a bunk to bunk basis inorder to avoid large crowds or long lines.

Please paypal or chase quickpay $5 per child to


MMR/ Immunization Forms


Every child from ages 4 and up needs to have 2 (two) MMR's on their immunization forms. Age 3 need to have only 1 (one).

Please make sure to upload them to ASAP. Your child will not be able to attend camp unless we have that form. 


COVID 19 Waiver

In addition every parent will need to sign a Covid 19 waiver and hand it in on the 2nd day of camp.  


Subsidized Breakfast and Lunch Program


MBM is working on providing campers with free breakfast and hot lunches. We need the enclosed "student eligibility survey" of family income form filled out so we can determine if we are eligible to receive government assistance. Please fill out the student eligibility survey form attached and email back to us immediately. This survey is completely confidential. If the Camp qualifies ALL the Campers will benefit. Please fill out the form and help make this happen.....imagine not having to prepare breakfast and lunch this summer. We will send out an email/whatsapp notice letting you know if we qualified or not.




Welcoming New Staff Members


Along with all the new guidelines there are also a lot of new things in MBM.

Lots of new smaller bunks where every child can get some much needed attention, love and warmth from our incredible counselors.  

We are fortunate to have Sarale Nagel rejoining our team as head counselor of the younger division.

We are thrilled to announce Sima Stern as Head Counselor of the older division and lastly our new Shiur Teacher Mushky Gouarie (Nee. Backman)

We have also hired new instructors in both divisions to give your children the fun and exciting summer they so deserve.  

MBM will be having 2 seperate whatsapp groups for each division so that everyone can check their phone in the AM in case there is important information.


As always if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


Looking forward to an incredible summer B'Ezer Hashem


Deena Lehr - Director

Sima Stern - HC Older Division

Sarale Nagel - HC Younger Division

Mushky Gouarie - Shiur Teacher

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