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Welcome to Machane Bnos Monsey, Summer Day Camp 2020 - 5780



In order to have a smooth first day of camp, we are inviting all parents from the younger division (which includes Mini Mbm, Nursery, and UPK) with their children to come THIS Sunday, June 28th to meet their counselors from 1:30pm - 2:30pm.  Please respect this time frame.


All camp items need to be labelled with a black sharpie (see list below).



Below is additional important information regarding camp please read through clearly so you know where your child needs to be dropped off and what they need.



Camp begins at 9:00am -  UNLESS your child is going swimming that morning then it will be 8:50am at the Swimming Pool at Beis Malka, 48 Grandview (details later on). 


Mini Mbm & Nursery Dropoff 


DROP OFF for Mini Mbm & Nursery will ALWAYS be @ 25 S. Monsey Rd.




DROP OFF for UPK on Tues. Thurs. & Fri. will always be at 25 S. Monsey Rd. 

DROP OFF for UPK on Monday & Wed. will be at 48 Grandview Ave at the basketball court(*see directions below). Please ensure that your child comes with a labelled PUDDLE JUMPER.  Please note Upk will NOT go the pool the first week.  They will begin going to the pool the second Monday of camp July 6th.


DROP OFF for Pre-1A, Mbm Junior, and Mbm Pioneers an Teen Power (TP's) on Mon. Tues. & Wed. will be at 48 Grandview by the basketball court (*see directions below) .


DROP OFF for Pre-1A and Mbm Junior on Thurs. & Fri. will be at 25 S. Monsey Rd.


In case of rain, you will be notified by whatsapp by 8:30 am whether there will be swimming or not. If there is no swimming all campers should be dropped off at 25 S. Monsey Rd.


*DIRECTIONS to Beis Malka Pool:

When you enter Bais Malka at 48 Grandview, you need to drive to your right until you come to the basketball court where you will be greeted by staff.








  • FIRST DAY of Camp, TUES. JUNE 30th   - All campers should be dropped off at the 25 S. Monsey Rd.

  • SECOND DAY of Camp, WED. JULY 1st - Campers Pre1a &  UP should be dropped off at 48 Grandview - Beis Malka.

  • THIRD DAY of Camp, THURS. JULY 2nd - Campers PRE-1A & UP should be dropped off at 48 Grandview - Beis Malka.

  • FOURTH DAY of Camp, FRI. JULY 5th    - All campers should be dropped off at the 25 S. Monsey Rd.besides * Pioneers & Tps who have swim @ 48 Grandview



 Following the 1st week of the Summer

All Children in all groups should come to camp or Pool (depending on age group) wearing their bathing suits on MONDAY, TUESDAY, and WEDNESDAY (Friday ONLY for 4TH, 5th & 6th aka. PIONEERS) with a big size t-shirt or robe as well as with tights or long socks.


Please remember to send underwear with your child and a labeled towel.


If you are interested in group swimming lessons for your child( for an additional fee) please contact Esther Jacobs. 845 570-1281



Camp dismissal will begin at 3:00pm and continue until 3:25pm – Mon through Thurs.

On Friday, dismissal will begin at 1:00pm and continue 1:25pm.


#2- LATE CHARGE: There will be a $5 charge for anyone who comes after 3:30pm (Mon - Thurs) or 1:30pm (Fri). An additional $5 will be added for every 10 minutes afterwards.

#3- In the event that we DO NOT QUALIFY for the Free Breakfast and Lunch program will need to provide your child's LUNCH and SNACKS   Please send daily (Mon-Friday) snacks, lunch and a water bottle with your child.  Please put your children's snacks into two different bags.  The morning snack should be labeled M- for morning and have 1 to 2 fruits your children enjoy or a cheese stick or yogurt.  Your afternoon snack should be labelled with letter A and can be a snack such as pretzels, chips, cookies, etc.   Please do not send candy or gum. We are including a snack time of 10 minutes a day for each group to eat in the morning and afternoon so that the children can be properly satiated and enjoy all that camp has to offer.


Please Note some children are highly allergic to peanuts.  MBM will be a NUT FREE camp. Please check all packaging ty in advance.


#4- SUNSCREEN LOTION: Please apply sunscreen lotion/spray on your child prior to arrival.  Please send a labeled sunscreen to camp every day so we can reapply the sunscreen after swimming.  


#5- EXTRA BAG: Please send an additional shopping bag with your child which will be used for their wet stuff. (Reminder: Please remove wet stuff after camp and hang it up to prevent it from smelling bad).


#6-Immunizations- Due to the epidemic of measles the Health Department has required all camps to show vaccine documentation prior to camp opening.  Please upload your immunizations on our site mbmonsey.comclick here to upload.


#7 SUPPLIES for YOUNGER DIVISION: Children in Mini MBM (3 or almost 3) will be having nap/ calm time. Please send in a labeled sheet, pillow, and small blanket.


Children in MINI MBM, NURSERY,  should bring 1 package of wipes, 1 box of tissues, 1 change of clothing that is labeled,(should include underwear and one set of clothes in case of accident) 1 smock, and labeled sunscreen.  If your child is in Upk (5 yr old ) group and is prone to accidents please send a labeled set of clothing as well,  a smock, and labeled sunscreen.  


#8 SUPPLIES for OLDER DIVISION PRE-1A AND UP . Please send in a siddur with your CHILDS NAME on it for davening.   On Swimming Days please send in 2 pairs of tights/or tznius footwear so that in the event that one set gets wet the other is wearable.  ON Monday and Tuesdays when we do gymnastics and dance please make sure your child is wearing tights or if they are wearing leggings needs to be on top of long socks not in place off.  Please send a labeled sunscreen and a labeled towel on swim days.


Last year many campers were proud to be awarded Tznius Queen.  The criteria to be picked is to follow the camp guidelines of covering your collarbone, knees, and elbows as well as wearing long socks or tights at all times.  We look forward to everyone being a winner this year!!



Looking forward to a happy, healthy, safe fabulous summer.


All the best,


Deena Lehr & Sima Stern & Sarale Nagel

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